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Magdalene Lyrics

Summoned To The Underworld,

Nimble Steps Take Her Down.

Game Face In Place,

Her Soul Slips Underground.

Boys And Arrows Seek Corridors Of Flesh.

Doors Hide Departures Into Nothingness.


Your Name Came Like A Mantra,

While The Rain

Whispered Questions To Your Answer.

Ash Skin Awakens,

Pearls Circle Her Centre.

One Ring Of Memory

Only She And I May Enter.

Each Day A Fresh Disguise

And A Borrowed Name Name Name…….

The Smile In The Mirror

Lingers There Unclaimed.


I Took My Chances,

Took Your Name In Vain While Strangers

Bought Your Soul For Small Change

Little Above Mountains Site

Flies Glow I Can’t Fall

There Is A Road Past Below

I Read The Valley Flower

Oh Black Magmacrust

Run By To Your Molten Core


I Am Searching Searching

For Your Face In Vain

When Strangers Bought Your Soul

For A Small Change.

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